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Far from Metropolises and from national and International attention, the dragon is still sleeping.

It’s the story of inland China where I spent time working and living with its people. The news on TV is coordinated by Beijing, the luxury is in

films, the new rich are forgetting their towns and tourists are ignoring their existence…

In rural provinces one consumes what one farms, along with dreams of a prosperous future.

The key to hope is in education, still very much geared towards the community.

Traditions are strong, behaviour is strict, responsibilities are compulsory and family is a nest for survival.

Everything is repaired or hand-made, recycled or manufactured. Life is very basic and pleasures are simple.There are still families living in one room, sharing a bathroom with  others.

Children grow up too quickly, their games are innocent and their labours are serious responsibilities.

Big expectations are put on this only child. What do they know about the New China? Power, force and authority have to be followed and

shown…. Patriotism is a duty, one must exhibit it and prove to people, inside and outside, how grand the country is, even though many don’t

believe it nor understand. Some take refuge in Religion, others in Art and many in studies, hoping to be remembered.

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